Oct 20

TIP - The Biggest Loser

Here’s a tip that has really helped me stay on track, especially when I want to binge! I watch episodes of The Biggest Loser - it really helps! The closer to the beginning of the season they are, the better. Not only is it GREAT reverse thinspo, but their hardcore workouts might give you some ideas for your next workout. If you feel guilty just vegging out in front of the TV, try doing crunches during the commercials.

Oct 19

Celeb Thinspo : Miley Cyrus

Okay, so maybe the Climb is your theme song. Or maybe you want to throw your TV out a window every time you hear the name Hannah Montana. But you have to admit - the girl is THIN. (In my opinion, she’s not as thin as she was, so most of these pictures are outdated.)

01. Collar bones! and just look at those LEGS!

02. Look at her waist! She’s TINY.

03. Consider this one reverse thinspo. :P

Okay, that’s all for tonight! Keep up the work and STAY STRONG!

I had a serious binge today but I’m determined to get back on track. You should be too! We can do it, I know we can :)

Oct 18

quote A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.